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Building Your Support Team

As a leader, you want to achieve success. After all, when you are successful new opportunities arise and new challenges come your way. Being successful as a leader takes much more than being just a lone ranger. To achieve the results you want, you need to build your support team. These are the people who […]

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Are You Sabotaging Your Chances Of Success As A Leader Or Manager?

While working with my clients and reflecting on my own experiences as a leader and manager, I noticed that while we can do many things to contribute to our success, we can just as easily sabotage our success.   The first thing that I notice sabotages our success is our mindset.  When delivering a presentation […]

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Leading And Managing – What’s Getting In The Way Of Success?

I was recently doing some cleaning out of guttering at home and, while doing this, it got me thinking about leading and managing. We all know that to get the guttering working effectively we need to make sure that it is not blocked or clogged up. I wonder if we truly give the same thought to what’s blocking us from leading and managing effectively.

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