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Is Being Comfortable Hindering Your Potential As A Leader?

Leaders are ultimately judged on their results.  Simple to say but not necessarily easy to accept. For those who make it into a leadership role, it is often their personal drive, determination, achievement and blend of personal qualities that help them to climb the career ladder. Once they make it to a senior level something […]

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Don’t Wait For Someone Else To Act

Attending a recent conference for accountants, I was surprised by how many seemed to feel that, even though they were in leadership roles, they could not make things happen. Now let’s not pretend that leading is easy; it’s not. At the same time my view is that people who choose to step into a leadership role do so because they can make a difference.

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Making The Big Calls As A Leader

As a leader you are first and foremost judged on the results that you deliver. Achieving significant results does not happen by chance. One of the things that you have to be willing to do is to make the big calls as a leader. Often we see leaders who are good at the talk but […]

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