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5 Simple Changes To Make You A Better Business Partner

The role of the functional professional is changing. These days more are more of them are taking on the role of business partner. What’s clear is that different organisations are at different stages in implementing the business partnering approach, especially in finance. As a business partner you will no doubt aspire to do the best job you can […]

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How To Maximise The Value of What You Communicate As A Finance Business Partner

If you’re a finance business partner or even a management accountant, communication of financial information is vitally important. Chances are you produce lots of reports. You may have been providing these reports for a long time. So they must be of value then, right? Not necessarily. I was watching a YouTube video from Andi Lonnen on what to communicate. The big […]

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Adding More Value as an Accountant by Better Understanding the Business

There’s a huge amount of focus these days on the changing role of accountants in organisations.  Specifically the move towards more of a finance business partnering type role. Whenever I’m running finance business partnering workshops, one of the most common things delegates raise as an action after the workshop is to spend more time learning more […]

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