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Are You Making This Mistake In Preparing For Job Interviews?

Without doubt candidates who spend the time and make the effort to prepare for job interviews perform better on the day. A key component of your preparation is identifying and answering questions that might come up. So you might be thinking that makes sense. Yet I have come across situations where people ask me if […]

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Why Are You The Best Candidate For The Role?

I first got involved in interviewing people for roles over 20 years ago. As we all know there are some questions that are almost guaranteed to come up in one form or other. One of those questions is:   Why are you the best candidate for the role?   Although there is a high probability […]

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The Three Key Questions You Must Be Able To Answer In Any Job Interview

When it comes to recruiting staff interviews are by far still one of the most common ways of deciding who to appoint.  In most recruitment situations the employer is going to have a choice of who to appoint. Obviously you would like to be the person who is appointed and in my experience there are […]

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