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Don’t Focus Here If You Want To Build A Successful Accounting Career

Those who get a professional accounting qualification clearly have a lot of potential. Even though there are far more qualified accountants here in the UK than when I started out in my career, the number with professional qualifications is still comparatively small in percentage terms. There is one big danger that you need to be alert to […]

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What I’ve Learned So Far In My 40 Year Career

30 June 1980  I started my career in accounting as a Payments Clerk. With a 5 O Levels I wasn’t exactly starting from strong foundations to build an accounting career . I was however really fortunate to have a boss who saw my potential. One day he dropped a copy of the local college prospectus on my desk. I […]

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How To Keep Your Career Moving Forward

Many accountants and other professionals want to achieve success in their career. A proportion go on to achieve what they want while others struggle to achieve anything approaching their potential. One of the most important things to focus on is making your self more valuable to your current employer and more marketable to potential employers. […]

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