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You Have To Look and See Beyond The Numbers If You Are Going To Build A Successful Accounting Career

You are a qualified accountant.  You are ambitious.  You have a huge amount of potential. Of course there’s a huge difference between being ambitious and having potential and actually realising your potential. What’s clear from my expert interview with Susan Ni Chriodain is that finance professionals who want to be successful in their careers, need to see […]

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What Would Excite You In Your Career?

If you are like the majority of accountants and professionals you are more than likely going to spend more time at work than anything else during the hours you are awake. As you get more senior the more you are likely to be working.  I know this because I’m an accountant and been there in […]

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5 Reasons Why Accountants Hit The Career Glass Celing

We all know that people who have made the effort to get professionally qualified in accountancy are highly talented people with huge potential. Despite this a huge number of them quickly hit the career glass ceiling and never realise anything like their personal and earning potential. Having worked in accountancy for over 25 years and […]

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