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It Takes More Than Being Good At The Numbers

For most starting out in a career in accountancy the initial priority is to get a professional qualification.  Many start, some complete the qualification, while many fail and give up.   Looking back on a 25 year career in accountancy I know that getting your qualification is vital.  It is also important to gain experience. […]

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The Skills You Need To Develop To Reach A Senior Level In Accountancy

Getting professionally qualified in accountancy is a significant achievement.  It takes a huge amount of personal investment and commitment. The trouble is that like any qualification it really is just the start.   Over the years I worked with some great people.  What I noticed is that there were often people who were very good […]

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6 Reasons Why You Are Not Moving Forward In Your Accountancy Career

If you are an accountant you are probably pretty ambitious.  You probably have worked hard to get a professional accountancy qualification.  You have the drive and determination to succeed.   Yet for some reason or other you are not making the progress that you would like in your career.  This can be hugely frustrating, especially […]

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