Six Key Factors In Successful Teams

We all know that teams have the potential to achieve great things for organisations. At the same time, this is by no means guaranteed. So what are the six key factors in any successful team?

Factor 1: Skills

If a team is to succeed, it needs to have the right skills, qualities and attributes. In many ways, a team is like the perfect cake. It requires the skills, qualities and attributes to be effectively brought together to deliver the perfect result.

Factor 2: High levels of trust

A team without trust will never achieve anything. At the same time, it is important to recognise that having high levels of trust does not happen overnight. In my experience, one of the easiest ways of creating trust is to let each other know that you can be counted on by delivering consistently on what you have agreed to do.

Factor 3: Mutual accountability

When individuals on teams need to account to each other for what they have done to progress what they agreed to do, things happen much quicker. In truth, most of us, once we have committed to something, are more likely to do it if we know we are going to have to report back to the team.

Factor 4: A results focus

At the end of the day, a team exists to deliver results and it is key to keep the focus of the team on the end result. It is easy, especially when the going gets tough, to lose sight of the results and get lost in activities that distract.

Factor 5: Optimism

When a team is faced with a challenge, it is easy to fall into a downward spiral. Successful teams on the other hand will generally be optimistic and recognise that, even if the way forward is not immediately obvious, there is a way forward at the end of the day.

Factor 6: Proactive

Successful teams make things happen and don’t sit back waiting for others to do something before they get started. They grab the bull by the horns and start to make things happen.

The Bottom Line: While all of the above factors really matter, I have also noticed that you need to underpin them with appropriate rewards and a culture that recognises and values team working.

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