Accountants and Business Professionals:Take Control and Achieve Your Professional Potential


At Goals and Achievements we provide one to one support for accountants and business professionals who want to climb the career ladder and realise their potential.

Accountants Career Breakthrough Programme

As a qualified accountant you have the potential to climb the career ladder, earn a great salary and benefits and really make a huge contribution to your organisations success. Career Success Programme


Yet in reality there is often a huge difference between potential and achievement.  Over the last 30 years I have seen many people who had huge potential but failed to achieve anything approaching their potential.


If you are struggling to get the results you want in your career, the accountants career programme could be for you.  This programme goes way beyond getting your next job.


Those who join the programme are committed to achieving long term career success and moving from being highly effective in their field to being highly effective leaders and senior managers.


They want to earn to their potential and at the same time are willing to invest in getting the support in order to get results.

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Career Support Programmes

Many accountants and business professionals get professionally qualified, get so far and get stuck in their career.text_stack_11511 (1)

Our career suport programmes are designed to get you moving forward in your career.

We typically focuses on the following main areas with those who work with us:

  • Reviewing your career to date
  • Getting real insights into what you have to offer to a potential employer
  • Discovering the types of roles where you are most likely to be successful
  • Helping you to create a CV that effectively markets you and gets you more job interviews
  • Helping you to perform to your potential in job interviews.

Most of our work with clients is delivered by telephone and we also offer options for in person sessions

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Leadership For Accountants and Professionals


Making the move to leadership from a highly technical role is one of the biggest challenges facing accountants and professionals.

Our leadership  programme is designed to provide that vital support and guidance that you need in this challenging period.

The specific content of the programme is designed to focus on the areas of greatest need and will typically include:

  • Assessing your core areas of strength
  • Working effectively as part of a senior management team
  • Making the best use of your time
  • Leading your team
  • Presenting effectively
  • Winning the support of others

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