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Coaching, Mentoring, Courses, Workshops and Training

At Goals and Achievements we want to provide you as a professional with all of the skills you need to lead better, to manage better and achieve more in your career.

Please feel free to peruse our different services below:

Career Coaching and Mentoring

You have made some progress in your career, but in some areas you feel stuck or feel unsure what to do next or how to achieve the career success you desire.

You want to take your career forward. You want to get more interviews; you want to convert more interviews into job offers; you want to build the skills to achieve long term career success; you want to target your effort to those areas likely to have greatest impact.

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Leadership Coaching and Mentoring

Being in a senior leadership or senior management role when your professional background is much more technical is hugely demanding.  The expectations of you are significant and it can feel really daunting at times.

So often highly talented people within their professional area of expertise are promoted into a senior leadership or senior management role and find it a real struggle. In many ways this is not necessarily that big a surprise as leading and managing is very different to being the real expert in a particular professional field.

You may well have taken training courses, attended workshops and perhaps even gained a management qualification.  You have reached the stage where you are looking for something different in terms of your professional development.

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Courses,  Workshops and Training

Practical Skills Development for Accountants and Professionals

As a professional you have the potential to go far in your career. Continuing to develop yourself professionally and personally is an important part in you achieving the results you want in your career.

On this page we summarise our current course offerings to help you build the skills and attributes to achieve the success you desire. These courses are offered as public open courses and can also be offered as in-house programmes for entire teams.

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