Reasons Why Change Initiatives Don’t Deliver

With the massive gap in public finances, the public sector is facing up to the period of expenditure reductions. This will without doubt require many changes to be made if the economy is to get into a solid footing again. So what lessons should leaders in the public sector bear in mind when it comes to making change?

  1. Others don’t see it as important

    It is fine for those at the top of the organisation to talk about the challenges and possible actions. Yet, if they are to happen, sufficient numbers at different levels need to see the importance of making change.

  2. People are not equipped to deal with change

    When I worked in the public sector, either as an employee or as a consultant, I came across many people who cared passionately about what they did. They were great within their area but had never received any training in the area of change. If you are going to deliver success through a change initiative, you need to equip people to make it happen.

  3. They don’t paint a picture

    I don’t mean this literally but, if you want to get people to buy in to any sort of change, you need to clearly show what’s going to be different from the present.

  4. They fix things but don’t change hearts and minds

    Changes to processes and practices might require some effort but essentially they can be done. Changing hearts and minds so that people accept the new way rather than harping back about the good old days is the real challenge.

The Bottom Line

Change brings with it fear, anxiety and a desire to hold on to things even if they are not great. The challenge for the leader is to make the change compelling enough to people who can make it happen.

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