Real Leadership: Leading By Example

We often hear about those great leaders who have achieved something amazing in terms of corporate performance or turnaround.

On the other hand there are fewer examples of others going out of their way to lead by example with only the best interest of another individual as their motivation.

I came across such an example last week when I logged in to one of the groups I belong to on LinkedIn.  The post on the group started by Mike Henry Sr spoke about the predicament facing Dan Rockwell known to many on twitter as @leadershipfreak.

Dan was involved in a major auto accident the week of thanksgiving in the US resulting in serious injury to Dan and the prospect of a long road to recovery.  Unlike here in the UK where we have the NHS free at point of delivery, Dan does not just face the physical challenge but the financial challenge of covering the medical bills that a major incident like this bring.

And this is where real leadership and leading by example was demonstrated.

Becky  Robinson with the help Lolly Daskal, Jesse Lyn Stoner, and Mike Henry got to work with a campaign to raise  $30,000 to cover medical expenses so that Dan could focus on the physical recovery without worrying about the financial issues.

On checking the item on the Lead Change Group on LinkedIn I saw an update that over half of the funds needed have already been raised which is an amazing testimony to the people who have made this happen.

You can read the blog post and find out how you can support Dan through the Lead Change Group initiative here

So what are the key leadership lessons from this initiative:

1.  It’s people not buildings, equipment or machines that make the difference.

2. When we focus on a definite purpose with a definite deadline we achieve more.

3. Collectively we can achieve much more than any one person can.

4. Small contributions from many deliver great results.

5. People are drawn to leaders like Dan Rockwell who are always willing to help and support others.

Even if you are not in position to donate I ask you to spread the word on this chance to make a difference for Dan Rockwell

About the Author Duncan Brodie

Since 2006 I’ve worked with in excess of 8,000 accountants and professionals in workshops, seminars and one to one helping them land their next jobs and become better leaders, presenters and business partners. Before that I spent 25 years in accountancy climbing the career ladder from Payments Clerk to FD. I’m a CIMA Fellow, Certified Professional Coach and Team Coach Facilitator.

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Martin Haworth says 3 January 2012

True leadership values the expertise that others bring. It synergises talant (and latent talent even better) to create magical outcomes. Real leaders have little personal ego and recognise that their absolute value is engaging charisma to deliver through others.

Too many leaders misunderstand the nature of their role and get too far up their own arses to see that their real role is a humble one.


Becky Robinson says 3 January 2012


Thank you for getting involved in our effort by sharing this post! I appreciate you!

Best wises for a happy New Year!

Duncan Brodie says 3 January 2012


It is a real pleasure to post this and a drop in the ocean compared with what you and the team are doing on behalf of Dan.

Keep up the great work and keep us posted on progress towards the target.


Duncan Brodie says 3 January 2012

Fantastic points Martin and thanks for sharing.


LollyDaskal says 9 January 2012

Dear Ducan,

Thank you for spreading the message about Dan #leadershipfreak
Working together will help us reach our goals.

As you said, Collectively we can achieve much more than any one person can.

Lets make it happen for Dan!


Duncan Brodie says 9 January 2012


Delighted to support Dan and all those who are making this happen.


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