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12 Steps to Landing Your New Job With Ease

13 Lessons

About this course

This course is designed to do one major thing – land that next job with ease!

There are 12 modules each with video, audio and a copy of the slides for each module.

I recommend that you work through the course methodically to get maximum benefit.

But if you know you’re struggling in one particular area you might choose to start with that module.

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Course Structure


Module 1 – Welcome

In this module I provide an overview of the programme, what you can expect to have achieved and suggest 3 specific actions that you should take to make sure you get the results you want from the programme.


Module 2 – Career Mindset

This module is all about the importance of having the right mindset when seeking to land your next job.

There will be times when it feels like you’re making a lot of progress.

Equally there will be times when you feel like you are never going to get what you’re seeking.

It’s your mindset towards your career that carries you through these challenging times.


Module 3 – Career Planning

Many just drift along in their career.

Others plan their career but lack flexibility.

In this module our focus is on the big questions you need to be answering when planning your career.


Module 4 – Identifying Your Skills

What are you good at? What do you do better than anyone else?

Everyone has skills.

Few take the time to identify their skills.

This is our focus in this module.


Module 5 – Identifying Your Attributes

You can be the most skilled person in your field but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will fulfil your career potential.

Your attributes are really those qualities that make you the person you are and determine how you operate.

Identifying your specific attributes is the focus of this module.


Module 6 – Determine Your Best Skills

In module 4 you identified all of your skills.

This module is all about you identifying your best skills.  The things that you do best.

Why is this important? 

Quite simply if you are playing to your strengths you are going to be much more successful in your career.


Module 7 – Determine Your Best Attributes

In module 7 you identified all of your attributes.

This module focuses on helping you get clear about your very best attributes.


Module 8 – Determining Career Achievements

Knowing your career achievements and how to present them is one areas where you can really stand out.

Trouble is that over the years I’ve noticed that the majority of people, especially those from professional backgrounds struggle with this.

In this module you are going to learn how to determine and present your career achievements.


Module 9 – CV That Gets You Interviews

Your CV or resume is the document that determines whether or not you get invited to the job interview stage.

If you have methodically completed the actions in modules 1 to 8 then creating a CV that gets you interviews is going to be a whole lot easier than you ever thought.


Module 10 – Linkedin

LinkedIn is becoming increasingly important component of your personal marketing materials.

In this module I give a brief overview of LinkedIn, why it’s important and how to build your LinkedIn profile.


Module 11 – Job Interview Preparation

Job interviews are always going to present some challenges.

If you’re not well prepared for job interviews you are going to really struggle to do well.

In this module I’m going to share the specific things you can do to be as well prepared as you can be for every job interview.


Module 12 – Performing In a Job Interview

The day of the interview has arrived. 

You are probably really keen to get the job offer.

As a minimum you want to be in the situation where when it comes down to the decision about who to appoint, you are one of the people being discussed.

In this module I’ll share what you need to do to perform to your potential in job interviews.


Module 13 – Securing Your Next Job

In this final module of the programme our focus is on securing that next job.

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