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Becoming a great manager does not happen by chance. It might look like it is easy but in truth many people who are highly competent at work struggle when it comes to managing others.

Are you struggling when it comes to managing? Chances are that your lack of success is not due to a lack of willingness or determination.

Do any of the following statements apply to you?

  • I struggle to prioritise. Everything I have to do appears to be important and I find it tough to know where I should be spending my time.
  • I am holding on to work. There are tasks that I should no longer doing but I am holding on to them rather than passing on to others.
  • I find it difficult to get the right staff. Selecting staff for posts seems like a game of chance and I have no systematic approach to recruiting.
  • I find it difficult to appraise staff. Performance appraisal when done well can be a huge source of motivation.

Are you ready to make a small investment to change all of that and become a better manager? This 33 page e-book will provide you with a concise guide, practical tips, self assessment tools and the chance to develop plans to build on your current level of performance.

What are others saying about this e-book?

This e-book provides an excellent overview of the key areas of management for those who have recently moved into or are about to move into management.

Mathew Kershaw
Chief Operating Officer

This is a concise and practical guide for anyone who aspires to be a greatmanager. Duncan has captured the core competencies of managing and explained them in an easily accessible way.

Steve Mitten 
B.ApSc, MCC, Business Coach

Management Essentials is an easy to use tool to develop yourself as a manager. It covers key management issues in a very concise way, asking questions of the reader and not simply setting out the theory. It makes you think about each subject and how it relates to you and your situation, team and personal development. I refer to it constantly to keep me focused and not lose sight of my overall aims.

David Pithie, ACMA, BSc
Finance Manager

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