Management Success: Knowing The People You Manage

As a manager you have to deal with all types of people from all walks of life with different, attitudes and motivations.  The challenge therefore is to be as aware as you can be about the people you manage so that you can interact with them appropriately and achieve the best results.


The people that you manage are likely to fall into one of following behavioural zones as a default.  This does not mean they are always in this zone but the default is their natural preference.




The people who are in the analytical zone as their default will be motivated and really keen on quality.  The analytical types tend to work best when dealing with facts.




As the name suggests the people whose default zone is driver tend to be action orientated folks.  They get their spark not by getting into action and getting things done.




The big focus for the amiables is on relationships.  They are motivated by co-operating and working with others.




The expressives tend to be at the other of the scale from the analytical folks in that they are very much interested in the big picture.


Chances are that you will be able to recognise some people that you manage that fit really neatly into one category or another and some that flit a bit more between more than one category.  The value of understanding which zone people tend to operate in is that as a manager:


  1. You can choose strategies for motivating that are really going to motivate.  For example, asking a driver to reflect is probably just going to leave them confused. 
  2. You can adapt your management style to the person you are interacting with so that it fits and hits a chord with the other person. 
  3. You get better at seeing and appreciating different perspectives or ways of looking at things. 
  4. You are open to taking on board and understanding different takes on issues which helps you deliver better results.


Bottom Line – Success as a manager is as much about understanding others as it is what you do personally.  So what do you need to do to create more success as a manager?


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