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Making Change Happen

Making Change Happen

making-change-happenFew organisations in any sector can stand still.  Change, innovation and improvement is part and parcel of being in business these days.  Professionals in support functions like Finance are taking an increasing role in leading and managing change.  Not just within their own function but across the organisation.

Most changes have potential to make a big impact.  Yet there are plenty of examples of changes that had potential failing to ever deliver.

If you want to increase the chances of change actually happening this course is for you.

What You Will Learn

By the end of this course you will:

  • Understand the biggest mistakes that are made that make it almost impossible to achieve change.
  • Understand why people resist change.
  • Know how to deal with different types of change resistance.
  • Understand how to avoid change fatigue.
  • Know how to set clear outcomes and avoid ambiguity.
  • Understand how to get the right people on the change team.
  • Know how to put good governance in place around your change.
  • Know how to keep people motivated through periods of change.
  • Understand some of the common tools and techniques to support your change initiatives.
  • Know how to run productive and effective change team meetings.
  • Learn the value and importance of understanding different perspectives.
  • Know how to effectively deal with conflict and tension in change teams.
  • Have clarity about your development needs going forward.

Course Approach

The course will be highly practical.  The amount of presenting will be kept to a minimum.

We will share key concepts in relation to the topic.  You will then have the opportunity to deepen your learning through group exercises, role plays and reflection.

Course Leader

Duncan Brodie.  Duncan is an accountant by profession and has over 20 years experience of change in major organisations.

Next Steps

Want to bring this course in-house for your team or professional association event?  Click here to contact us and set up and no obligation exploratory session.