Maintaining Morale In Challenging Times

It is fair to say that we are in challenging times right now. If you are leading and managing in these challenging times it can be difficult to maintain morale, especially if jobs are at risk. So what can you do maintain morale in challenging times?

  1. Remind everyone regularly about the direction of the department and organisation in the longer term and the potential opportunities that will be created.
  2. Take the time during staff appraisals and one to one meetings to find out about areas of experience that individuals are keen to get and then aim to get them that additional experience.
  3. Continue to support learning and development of all staff, not just those undertaking professional exams. While budgets might be tight, there are still plenty of low or no cost opportunities for CPD.
  4. Make a point of letting people know when you are particularly impressed with a piece of work that they have done or a challenging situation that they have handled well.
  5. Be positive as a leader of the team as you set the tone. Pay particular attention to how you interact with people in the early part of the day.
  6. Be visible and avoiding locking yourself behind a closed door for large parts of the week.
  7. Consider setting up open meetings where staff have the opportunity to raise concerns, issues and get some responses.
  8. You probably recognise that several heads are better than one. If your stakeholders are looking for more from your function, get people involved in generating ideas and making suggestions to maximise the value that is delivered.

Remember that is often the simple, low or no cost things that have the greatest impact on maintaining morale.

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