Learning About Team Working From The Apprentice Week 2

Well The Apprentice week 2 was broadcast here in the UK last night.  While in previous groups there have been some strong personalities, the girl’s team demonstrated perfectly how not to operate as a team. 

So what were the real learning points?

People need to listen to each other rather than talk over each other all of the time.  Yet in truth I bet some of this is happening every day in organisations across the globe.

You need to speak up if you don’t agree with something and explain your reasons.  Many of the people said that they thought it would not work but they did not give specifics on why not.

Use the resources at your disposal.  Some team members were shipped off the Brighton to do research yet they did not appear to seek any feedback on the viability or otherwise of the book reader from what we saw on camera.

Don’t stand in the wings and criticise later.  The book stand seemed to become the product choice almost by default, perhaps in the absence of other unique ideas.  Team members were critical of the choice even when they had not offered any credible alternatives.

It takes courage to lead a team.  Did the project manager get everything right, well no.  At the same time she kept focus on the task despite the mayhem.

Decisions need to be taken.  Delaying taking decisions just shortens the time for implementation.  We always need to remember diminishing returns and the fact that the extra thinking time often makes little difference to the final solution.

I wondered what learning points you would add if you watched this episode?

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