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Leadership for Professionals

Make the transition from a high performing professional
to highly effective leader, realise your potential
and earn what you are worth


unlock_leadership_potentialLike most professional people you are highly talented in your own field.

Given you talents one would expect that achieving success in your career would be almost guaranteed.

At the same time there are many professional people who struggle to move beyond a certain level.  When this happens it is easy to become de-motivated, disillusioned or simply give up and never realise your potential.

Often people think that moving beyond a certain level is just about being good at what you do and performing well in job interviews.  While both of these are important, they are not in my experience enough to get you results that you desire.

These days your ability to lead is a huge factor in how far you progress in your career. 

Many professions are now talking about the importance of their members being ‘T’ Shaped.  By that they mean you have to have the depth of expertise in your field and be able to contribute across the whole spectrum of business.

Trouble is that those who are great at getting things done often struggle when they move into leadership.  This is not entirely surprising.  Leading a team, a project, a function or people is very different to being the person who can churn through volumes of work.

Leading requires a different set of skills and attributes from being the person who is hands on. 

At the same time they are skills and attributes that can be developed and improved.

The reality is that it is not those who are the most technically gifted in their professional that achieve most success It’s those professionals who can deliver results through others, influence, inspire, make change and contribute to the wider business agenda.


How many of these situations or struggles can you relate to?

  • https://www.dreamstime.com/-image1564625I am good at what I do but lack confidence in myself even though many others see me as a very confident individual.  In truth this is more common than you think.  Confidence has consistently been highlighted as one of the key reasons why Executives decide to work with a coach or mentor in research undertaken by the International Coach Federation (ICF).
  • I am working really hard but it feels like I am running to stand stillI am on the back foot a lot of the time and always seem to be reacting to events rather than being proactive and on the front foot. Working long hours has become a habit and I don’t seem to be able to break the cycle.
  • I find it really difficult to get the buy-in and support of my team and colleagues when I am trying to make change or tackle really difficult issues.
  • My communication skills are reasonably good but I find it a struggle to communicate what is often highly complex information to others who don’t have the depth of expertise that I have.
  •  I don’t feel like I am getting the best from my teams and this is impacting on my own performance and how I am perceived by others.


What you really want instead:

At the end of the day you want to be a highly confident and competent leader who delivers great results, contributes to business success and enjoys the rewards this brings.

In other words you want to be a leader who:

  • https://www.dreamstime.com/-image1208726Is able to motivate, inspire, encourage and support others to deliver to their real potential.  Someone who orchestrates, facilitates, problem solves and makes it easy for others to perform.
  • Is able to engage with colleagues across the organisation no matter what discipline they operate in.  Without the engagement of people it is almost impossible to deliver great performance and services and have great team working.
  •  Can provide the clarity of direction and explain to others how what they do fits into the overall organisational agenda.
  •  Is highly productive personally and can maximise productivity from the teams that they lead and manage or processes that they operate.
  •  Can communicate effectively, influence, listen to others ideas, suggestions and contributions.
  • Who can negotiate effectively to find solutions that will work for everyone and be of benefit to others.
  • Who can deliver change and improvement get the support and buy-in that is so vital to success when making change.
  • Who can get the best from teams through utilising the strengths and qualities of each team member and get people working together rather than in silos or in their own interests.


These objectives are reachable when you have the right support in place.


The Solution:  The Leadership for Professionals Programme 

The Leadership for Professionals Programme is designed to provide you with support, skills and confidence to successfully move from a high performing professional to highly effective leader, realise your potential and earn what you are worth.

This is a year long programme and is for professional people who are new to being or aspire to be leaders and senior managers.

It is tailored specifically for you as everyone is different.  It includes assessments, workshops, training, coaching, mentoring and consulting.


What’s different about this programme?

  • It’s grounded in reality. The programme is practical, realistic and pragmatic rather than being full of theory, models and ideas that most people don’t get or cannot see the tangible benefits to their situation.
  • It’s delivered by someone who has actually made the move from a well respected professional to leader so really understands the size and scale of the challenge.
  • It’s a highly supportive programme. We are here ready and willing to roll up our sleeves and help leaders through the process of improvement rather than just standing on the sidelines.


The key benefits of this programme

 By the end of this programme you can expect to be:

  •  team-successMore confident and be able to work beyond your limiting beliefs that could be stopping you making the contribution and impact that you know you are capable of making.
  • Consistently getting great results from teams because you understand people’s strengths and their motivations so can allocate responsibilities appropriately.
  • Investing your time more appropriately and focusing on those areas that are most important to delivering results.  Attention shifts from the number of hours worked to the results and outcomes that are delivered.  Meetings are much more focused with clear purpose, preparation and action focus being the priority
  •  A more effective problem solver who gets past the blocks and challenges that will always arise.
  •  Delivering change and improvement through people, working with them and having real engagement in doing the very best they can.
  •  An effective communicator who can confidently deliver their message and make the impact they desire.  You will also be a more effective listener who seeks out and acts on the ideas of others.


What you receive in this programme

bullet The programme starts with an in-depth meeting with each participant. At this meeting we determine specifically what you want from the programme, what will constitute success at the end of the programme and agree specific measures to track the extent to which we are on or off track.
bullet Next we undertake assessments. These are designed to provide real insight into your areas of strength and areas for improvement. This includes a combination of self assessment and feedback from bosses, peers and subordinates.
bullet A minimum of two leadership coaching and mentoring calls per month. These calls are recorded and an mp3 file of the recording is made available to the individuals.
bullet Monthly workshops on specific areas of leadership delivered in different formats to make it easy for you to work through at your own pace. We also provide ongoing tips, strategies and additional knowledge through e-mail updates and other online and offline communications. They provide the opportunity to build skills, confidence and competence.
bullet Weekly reporting to keep you on track and focused during the course of the programme and keep you moving towards your desired results.
bullet Unlimited access to me whilst on the programme by email or phone to help you quickly resolve difficulties or challenges that you encounter.


Is The Leadership for Professionals Programme For You?

In truth this programme will not be for everyone.  Success in this programme will require real commitment, a lot of hard work and a willingness to move out of your comfort zone.

 There will be times when you feel like giving up or throwing in the towel.  There will be successes and there will be disappointments.  You will get frustrated at times when things are moving slower than you would like.

 Those who will get most benefit from this programme will:

  • Have already achieved significant success in their career so far
  • Have a real desire to move into a leadership role and be successful as a leader
  • Be receptive to learning, developing, experimenting and doing things that might be uncomfortable
  • Have a high level of personal drive and motivation
  • Be willing to do the work between sessions that has been agreed
  • Be personally resilient
  • Be clear about what they want to achieve and why.


How To Find Out More

If you believe that you might be interested in this programme, I would like to invite you to take advantage of a no obligation  Strategy Session.

In this strategy session we will explore the challenges you are facing, the kind of results that you would want to achieve and whether this programme would help you or not.

The session takes about 90 minutes and can be done in person or by telephone.  Whether we move forward together and deliver the programme or not you will get real clarity from this session.

To book your Strategy Session, simply complete the form below and I will be in touch within the next 48-72 hours.



Duncan Brodie
Managing Director
Goals and Achievements Ltd