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Leadership Skills For Professionals

Leadership Skills For Professionals

If you are like most professional people you probably do a great job in your area of expertise.  Chances are you will quickly climb the career ladder and sooner rather than later find yourself in a leadership role.


Some make the transition from technical expert to leader with ease.  On the other hand many struggle to make the transition or struggle to get the results that they want.

In many ways this is not surprising.  Leading is very different to being in the role of technical expert.  It requires a different set of skills.  It involves interacting with and influencing others outside of your area of expertise.  It requires you to make a contribution across a much wider area of the business.

If you are ready to perform to your potential as a new or aspiring leader, this course is for you.

What You Will Learn

By the end of this course you will:

  • Completely understand what leadership is really about.
  • Understand the different dimensions of leadership.
  • Know how the role of a leader differs from that of a manager.
  • Understand what the best leaders do that makes them a success.
  • Appreciate the different styles of leadership and when each style might be appropriate.
  • Understand your best skills and best attributes.
  • Know how to lead a team effectively.
  • Be a more confident leader.
  • Have clarity about your development needs going forward.

Course Approach

The course will be highly practical.  The amount of presenting will be kept to a minimum.

We will share key concepts in relation to the topic.  You will then have the opportunity to deepen your learning through group exercises, role plays and reflection.

Course Duration

One day.  You will also be able to take advantage of up to 3 telephone personal coaching sessions after the course to keep momentum going.

Course Leader

Duncan Brodie of Goals and Achievements Ltd.  Over the last 8 years Duncan has helped over 1,000 professionals to improve their leadership skills.

Prior to starting his own business in 2006 he gained real life experience of leading and managing teams of up to 70 people in major organisations, including PwC, EY and the NHS.  He is a former NHS Director of Finance .

Running This Course In-House

Want to bring this course in-house for your team?  Click here to contact us and set up and no obligation exploratory session.