Leadership Lessons From Andy Murray’s Wimbledon Success

Andy Murray became the first British tennis player in 77 years to win Wimbledon.  It’s an amazing achievement for him personally and a lift for the whole of the country.


While reflecting on his achievement, what was clear that there were many lessons that leaders could learn from his victory.


There Is No Such Thing As Overnight Success


In the build up to the match they were saying that Murray and Novak Djokovic have been playing each other since they were 11 years old.  Both are 26 now which means it has been 15 years of hard work.  How often do we see leaders focusing on the long term in that way?


You Have To Have A Clear Purpose


It seems that not just Murray but just about all tennis players aspire to win at Wimbledon.  They have that clarity of purpose which drives them on when things are tough.


You Need The Right Professional Support Team


While Murray may have to go out and win the match on his own, it is his whole professional support team that contributes to the success.  He was quick to acknowledge this when being interviewed after his win.


You Need The Right Personal Support Team


Murray’s parents and family have made huge sacrifices to enable him to pursue his dream.  Any leader or aspiring leader needs that support too, as it is rarely a nine till five routine.


You Have To Have Self Belief


If you don’t believe in yourself, why would anyone else.  Murray showed incredible self belief in this match.  Leaders need to have the self belief that the course they are pursuing is the right one.


It Is A Lonely Existence


When Murray was out on the court he is on his own.  Even though there is huge support from the crowd, it is still a lonely existence.  As a leader you probably don’t have the support of a crowd but still have that feeling of isolation and loneliness.


The Bottom Line: Leadership success, like success for a tennis player like Andy Murray is never guaranteed.  At the same time, the way you approach things can make a significant difference to your results.


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