Job Interviews | 4 Reasons Why Employers Use Job Interview Presentations

Hi, Duncan Brodie here from Goals and Achievements.

In this video, I want to explore the four reasons why employers use job interview presentations as part of the selection process.

The first reason is to see if you can take a whole host of information or potentially a big topic and organise your thoughts in a very coherent way.

Reason number two is to test your communication skills.

Can you get your message across clearly, concisely in a professional way, even when you're under pressure?

It's also a way of finding out whether you are the kind of person who can operate under pressure.

Because there's no doubt about it, a job interview presentation is a slightly pressurised situation.

Can you cope with the pressure of all the eyes being on you when you're delivering that job interview presentation?

And finally, it's used to differentiate people.

Because the chances are in a job interview, particularly if it's for an accounting or professional post, all of the people are going to be able to do the job to a competent standard.

But the presentation allows the employer to differentiate between, you know, a good candidate and an exceptional candidate.

 And your presentation might just be the thing that gives you the edge in that job interview.

So that's my thoughts.

Four reasons why employers use job interview presentations.

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