How To Shine In Job Interviews

Job interviews or a series of job interviews are still the most common way of selecting staff. Given this reality how can you shine in job interviews?

Be Prepared

When you build a house, it’s essential that you lay solid foundations. Success in job interviews is no different. The better prepared you are the better your performance and the better your performance the better your chances of success.

Be An Equal

Job interviews are not a one way decision. You are selecting the organisation as much as they are selecting you. Be an equal in that process and don’t have the mindset that all the trump cards are in the hands of the employer.

Be Targeted

You are going to perform much better if you target your applications to roles that are a good fit for you. It just reduces the pressure.

Be Succinct

When you are answering interview questions you are going to be nervous. When we are nervous we all have a tendency to ramble. Use a prop like a glass of water to slow you down. The more succinct you are, the more you have the opportunity to demonstrate what you have to offer.

Be Positive

It is vital that you are positive and upbeat about the role. If you are not it is pointless taking up valuable time to go along for the interview.

Be Ready

There are going to be some really tough questions. Be ready for them and don’t let them throw you off track.

In truth there are a number of factors that contribute who gets appointed. At the same time you want to give yourself the best possible opportunity of being the successful candidate.

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