How To Impress At Job Interviews

A job interview is still one of the most common approaches to deciding which candidate is successful and is appointed.  Sometimes it can feel like it is a bit of a lottery but there are things you can do to impress at job interviews and stand out from the crowd.  So how can you impress at job interviews?

Be Prepared

Many people wrongly assume that all that matters is how you do on the day of an interview itself.  Sadly just like in sports people don’t succeed or fail based on what they do in the interview room.  It’s the preparation that counts and really makes the difference.  Employers can see which candidates have researched the job, the company and prepared for tricky questions.  As a general rule I suggest you should spend 5 to 7 times the length of the interview on preparation.

Be Able To Say Why You Want To Work For An Organisation

This is almost a guaranteed question and is used not just to get an answer but also to test whether you really know anything about the organisation.  Make sure you are able to articulate 3 to 5 reasons why you want to work with a particular organisation.

Be Able To Say Why You Want The Role You Are Applying For

Again a bit of a banker of a question and one that if you answer well will set you apart from the vast majority of candidates.

Be Able To Explain Why You Want To Leave Your Current Role

If you are already in a job or maybe even have had several jobs already, you want to be able to clearly explain why you want to leave your current role.  It’s important not to show that you are completely fed up with the organisation or your boss even if in reality that is the case.  Look to find the positives for moving on.

Be Able To Demonstrate What You Can Contribute

The chances are that most candidates will be able to do the job.  This becomes even more the case at the more senior levels.  Therefore what employers want to know is what it is that you can contribute that other candidates might not be able to offer.

Be Willing To Blow Your Own Trumpet

Employers cannot give you credit for things that you don’t tell them.  Sometimes candidates worry that they are selling themselves too hard.  the reality is that if you are not selling yourself and what you offer then someone else will be.

The Bottom Line: Job interviews are stressful and challenging and at the same time a little thought and effort can make a huge difference to the impact that you have in job interviews.

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