How To Build Rapport In Job Interviews

Job interviews are seen by candidates as stressful and challenging.
Without doubt job interviews are slightly pressurised situations and despite this you can still perform well.

One of the most important things you want to do in job interviews is to build rapport with the interviewer or interview panel.

When we have rapport we have connection. Some suggest that when it comes to hiring decisions, some recruiters will look to appoint someone just like them.

Think about your own team that you work with in your current role. I guess that there will be people that you really get on with and others who are more of a struggle. For those that you get on with, you will probably say you are on the same wavelength.

Now imagine being in a job interview where you felt that you were on the same wavelength as the person making the hiring decision. Chances are you would be more likely to get the job offer you were hoping to get.

When you think about it an interview is ultimately a communication situation. Your goal is to demonstrate you are the right choice. The recruiters’ goal is to assure themselves that you are the right person for the role.

So you might be wondering how you can build rapport during job interviews, so here are some suggestions:

1. Match the breathing rate of the person interviewing you

2. Sit in a way that is similar to the person who is interview. If they are sitting forward, try sitting forward too

3. If they are fairly quietly spoken and you are naturally louder spoken, try lowering your voice

4. If you are someone who speaks fast and the interviewer is slower paced aim to move closer to their style

5. Pay attention to the language they use and look for clues as to their communication preferences so that you can respond accordingly.

Like all techniques designed to build rapport they have to be used appropriately and common across naturally, otherwise the interviewer will not see you as genuine.

So what will you start doing to build more rapport?

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