How To Be More Successful In Second or Final Stage Job Interviews

Hi, it's Duncan Brodie here from Goals and Achievements.

In this week's video, I want to talk about the second stage or final stage job interview.

In previous videos I talked about the preliminary stage or informal chat and the first stage interview. Now the second and hopefully final stage of the job interview process.

What you can be sure of is that there's probably only a handful of people still in the running if they've been thorough in the first stage of the job interview process.

What will happen in my experience is they will invite perhaps two people back who they believe can do the job to the required standard and who they believe are going to be a good fit.

And in the second and final stage interview process, what you probably need to be ready for is a slightly less formal interview and be more ready to talk about yourself and your experiences and your motivations, your drivers, because in many respects, a second and final stage interview is usually with somebody fairly senior and as a result, what that means is that you are really being assessed in terms of are you the right kind of person.

They know you can do the job to an okay standard technically it's no longer about that.

So being ready to talk about yourself in a very relaxed, calm way, sharing stories, sharing experiences and really just kind of following the lead of the person who's interviewing you is really, really important.

So my tip, for the second and final stage of the interview is to just really try and be relaxed, try and show your personality, try and show that you really are going to be an asset to the business, but at the same time be ready to deal with uncertainty.

And, you know, I guess perhaps a slightly unconventional approach to the interview itself.

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