Handling Tough Job Interview Questions

Job interviews are still one of the most common ways of deciding who to appoint to a particular role.

A good interviewer will have done some thorough preparation ahead of even advertising the role and will want to get assurance through the interview process that they have got the best person.

In job interviews you can expect to have some questions that are designed to put you at ease.  These are typically those related to your experience and to the technical aspects of the role.

There are also going to be questions that seek to find out the type of person that you are, what you enjoy doing, what motivates you and when you are at your best.

Then there is a bunch of what might be regarded as the tough questions.  Those that are really designed to see how you react when faced with something unusual or unexpected.

So when it comes to those tough interview questions here’s what I suggest.

Keep calm and don’t let the question throw you off balance.  It’s easy to panic and go to pieces.

Think before you speak.  If you are someone who is prone to quickly responding have something like a glass of water that you take a sip from to delay you responding.

Don’t take it personally that you are being asked tough questions as every one else will be going through the same as you.

Never show your frustration no matter how irritated you are by what is being asked, even if you think the question is stupid.

Keep your answers succinct and to the point.  These are definitely not the type of questions that you want to be offering long drawn out answers to.  To use the analogy of being at the dentist your response should be more like a quick check up rather than root canal treatment.

The Bottom Line:  In any job interview situation remember that the interviewer is looking for the best candidate not perfection.  Don’t allow a poorly answered question to knock your confidence and stop you performing to your potential.

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