Practical Training Workshops for Accountants, Finance Teams and Professionals

The landscape is changing

While technical skills matter, your non-technical skills are becoming at least as important if not more important to your performance and career success.

To perform to your potential your team needs to have a range of skills.

On this page we summarise our training workshop areas of focus.

If there's an area we don't cover, we are always happy to recommend others in our network.

Flexible Options To Get The Best Training For Your Teams

All workshops are offered as in-house programmes for accountants, finance teams and other professionals.

Our workshops for accountants, finance teams and professionals are focused primarily on non-technical skills and are focused on improving:

  • Leadership skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Business partnering skills

All of our training workshops are developed with our clients to ensure that they focus on those areas that are most important and deliver greatest benefit for the individual and organisation.

They are highly practical with plenty of opportunity to put the learning into practice.

They can be delivered as part or full day workshops, lunch and learn sessions and remotely online.

We focus only on those areas where we believe we can deliver most value and refer opportunities to others in our network when we believe that they are better placed to meet the requirements of a client.

How Do I Find Out More

Our process starts with a no obligation meeting where we discuss your challenges, requirements and objectives. If both of us believe that there is benefit in moving to the next stage in the process, we will pull together a short proposal for you.

In the past we have delivered training workshops for a range of clients including

To get in touch to discuss your requirements please contact us