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How To Overcome That Fear When Presenting At Work

Presenting is one of those areas that some love, some do and some avoid. Whenever I’m running a workshop, one of the things that seems to come up over and over again is fear. Perhaps that’s not surprising. All the eyes are on you. You want to do a great job and get a lot of positive feedback. I’m often […]

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Keep The Message Clear and Simple When Communicating Financial Information

You learned a lot in your professional accounting exams.  Some of it very complex. On the other hand what about communicating financial information? Yes you might be able to rattle off the stock phrases of it being relevant, reliable, timely and understandable in an exam. In organisations it’s a lot tougher than it seems.  A good guide principle […]

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The Keys To Presenting Effectively – Even if You Hate Presenting

Presenting is a key skill for accountants and professionals. You have to be able to get your ideas across to a whole host of people. Some will be hugely interested in what you have to say. Others less so. Here’s the issue.  Many accountants and professionals in my experience either:Hate presenting and avoid if they can.Do it reluctantly and […]

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