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8 Top Tips to Being More Productive

These days getting more from the resources you have available is almost taken for granted.  You have more and more tools to help you yet you still struggle to be as productive as you would like.  Does it really need to be like that?  Here are my top 8 tips for being more productive. 1. Discover […]

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Management: 5 Mistakes to Avoid In Managing Workload

When asked what their biggest challenge is, many managers say that getting everything done is what they struggle with most.  One of the major differences of being a manager is that you are no longer just responsible for one or two things.  You need to manage a varied workload as well as people and resources.  […]

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The Cost of Not Delegating

If you are a manager you are probably trying to keep a whole host of tasks and projects moving forward at the same time.  You probably know that you could achieve more if you were to delegate more.  In my experience managers often come up with a whole host of reasons for not delegating.  I […]

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What do you do to motivate others?

One of the key roles of anyone who is managing is to get results through others.  To get others to deliver results for you, it is vital that you motivate them.  Managers often believe that pay and rewards are the key things that motivate people.  Without doubt pay and rewards play a part of motivating […]

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Change Management Skills

I was reading in the November 2008 edition of the magazine Professional Manager that the Chartered Management Institute’s President Sir John Sunderland sees Change Management as one of the most in demand skills over the next 10 years. In the currently challenging economy it is easy to see why that would be the case.  I am […]

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10 Must Have Management Skills

Management is what creates and sustains an organisation.  Without good management any business will struggle.  The trouble is that there is much to learn.  While continued learning is essential there are 10 skills that every manager needs if they are to succeed.   1.                  Planning   A manager you needs to be competent in business […]

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