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You Have To Manage Yourself Before You Manage Anyone Else

I was running a client workshop a while back.  It was a workshop that was part of a bigger project. The client organisation had gone through a difficult period.  Morale had not unexpectedly taken a dip.  Difficult decisions had to be made that impacted on the group that I was working with. In reality this is nothing […]

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The Obvious Mistakes Managers Make

Managing can be a challenge. At the same time there are many obvious things managers could do but quite often don’t do that could make a huge difference to the results they achieve. So are you making any of these obvious mistakes when managing? Duncan Brodie helps accountants achieve more more career success by helping […]

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What Makes The Best Managers Different?

Being promoted to a management role is a significant achievement. For many professional people following a traditional career path, the step up to managing can be a challenge. I guess in many respects that is not that surprising. After all there is a lot less predictability, certainty and everything is not within your control. Yet […]

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What I Learned From My First Boss About Managing

My career in accounting started off in 1980. I was straight out of school and in my first job. Like everyone else I had no idea about being in the workplace. I was lucky enough to have a great boss called Bill who I learned so much from and whose wisdom and advice is just […]

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