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How To Effectively Manage New Employee Probation Periods

We all know that organisations put a lot of time and effort into the recruitment and selection of staff. They may well do an okay job with the initial induction too, although this can be variable. But what about managing people through the probation period? The length of a probation period can vary but typically is around 3 […]

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You Have To Manage Yourself Before You Manage Anyone Else

I was running a client workshop a while back.  It was a workshop that was part of a bigger project. The client organisation had gone through a difficult period.  Morale had not unexpectedly taken a dip.  Difficult decisions had to be made that impacted on the group that I was working with. In reality this is nothing […]

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The Obvious Mistakes Managers Make

Managing can be a challenge. At the same time there are many obvious things managers could do but quite often don’t do that could make a huge difference to the results they achieve. So are you making any of these obvious mistakes when managing? Duncan Brodie helps accountants achieve more more career success by helping […]

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What Makes The Best Managers Different?

Being promoted to a management role is a significant achievement. For many professional people following a traditional career path, the step up to managing can be a challenge. I guess in many respects that is not that surprising. After all there is a lot less predictability, certainty and everything is not within your control. Yet […]

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