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Managing People Through Times of Change

Whether you like to admit or not there are always going to be times when you face challenges when it comes to managing. One of the most demanding situations is when you are going through a period of change. Now I’m sure that you appreciate that there is change happening all of the time.  That’s just the […]

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You Have To Manage Yourself Before You Manage Anyone Else

I was running a client workshop a while back.  It was a workshop that was part of a bigger project. The client organisation had gone through a difficult period.  Morale had not unexpectedly taken a dip.  Difficult decisions had to be made that impacted on the group that I was working with. In reality this is nothing […]

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How to Manage Staff

Picture the scene. You are doing a really great job. Lots of people are singing your praises. A job at the next level comes up and you get appointed. Now you have a small team of staff to manage. You might have done a few courses and maybe even read some books but you are […]

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Setting Expectations

If you want to achieve results as a manager or leader you need to make the expectations of others clear. So how do you do this? Watch and find out Duncan Brodie helps accountants and professionals transition from technical expert to leader and manager so that they achieve the career success they desire.

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Delegating Is Not Optional

One of the biggest challenges a lot of managers and leaders from professional backgrounds is delegating. Maybe it is something to do with the way in which they are trained or the career path. In this video I share some of the common reasons why managers and leaders don’t delegate and the benefits of delegating […]

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