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Avoid Complicating Decision Making

There was a question posted recently on one of the forums that I am part of. Without going into detail it was essentially a question around whether a client should reduce their fee for multiple bookings. It was interesting to see the responses. Some of them short and to the point. Others long winded with […]

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The Leadership Poem

Today I had a thought about capturing the essence of leadership in a short poem. Here is what I came up with. I wonder what else you would add to it? Set direction But involve others Focus on results But don’t forget about people Take the decisions Even when it’s tough Acknowledge that success Is […]

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Don’t Be The CPO

You will no doubt have heard the term C-Suite. Basically it’s shorthand for the different executive level roles in organisations so Chief Executive Office, Chief Financial Officer, etc. Now we all know that a key distinction between leaders and mangers is that leaders should be focusing on moving things forward. All makes sense. Yet what […]

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