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One Of The Most Important Questions Leaders Can Ask

2020 has shown us just how quickly things can change. Many businesses were going along, doing okay and then COVID-19 hit. As is always the case, there were winners and losers. Technology became an even more critical part of life and business. I’ve even heard people say that technology they have been trying to get people to buy in […]

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6 Essential Elements of Leading and Managing In Finance

Leading and managing is a strange thing.  When you are on the outside looking in it can appear really simple. Of course what looks simple is rarely simple in practice. In Finance, like many professions we initially focus on the technical aspects.  We spend time getting professionally qualified. Then we get promoted.  All of a sudden we have […]

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Tell People How It Really Is When Leading in Finance

You’re a leader in finance.  Your organisation is struggling to meet sales targets and as a result is making a loss. As a leader in finance you know that this is sooner or later going to result in some cash challenges. In these situations it might be tempting to just muddle along.  The problem with this is […]

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Negotiating In Challenging Times

We are always negotiating and everything is negotiable.  These were two themes that emerged from a recent interview with Negotiation Expert, Derek Arden. In the video interview Derek shares his experiences on effectively negotiating, generally and how negotiation needs to be adapted in challenging times. If you have never seen Derek present or share his ideas, you […]

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