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The Leadership Style Myth

If you are a leader or an aspiring leader in finance, you will be familiar with leadership styles. You may even have been asked about your leadership style in a job interview. Now it’s fair to say that there are different styles of leadership. But what there isn’t is a best style that fits every situation. In fact the […]

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A Team in Name Only

Most people understand, at least conceptually that if a team is effective, better results are achieved. Of course there is often a big gap between what people understand conceptually and do in practice. Let’s look at leadership teams.  Every member of that team has to work in the interests of the wider organisation.  At the same they […]

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Leading and Managing Remotely

Working from Home has become the new norm as a result of COVID-19 pandemic. Without time to adjust, many leaders and managers find themselves in a position where they have to lead and manage remotely. As my guest on this video interview, Mark Fritz reveals, leading or managing remotely cannot be done in the same way as […]

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The Challenges of Leading A Finance Team and How To Overcome Them

In many respects leading a finance team should be relatively easy.  After all you have a group of highly committed individuals.  People who are smart, driven and usually results focused. Of course what should be easy and what is easy is often very different. So what are some of the challenges in leading a finance team? Challenge #1:  […]

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