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The Real Challenges of Remote Leadership

Whether it is local, national or even international, leaders are finding more and more that they are having to lead teams of people who are remotely based from them. Leading in any context is tough but the physical distance between you and the team mean that you need to do some things differently. So what […]

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How To Get The Best From Your Team

Smart managers and leaders know that if they are going to achieve results, they have to get the best from teams. In theory this all makes sense. In practice it can be whole lot more challenging than it might first appear. So what would I suggest to get the best from a team? • Be […]

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Working Effectively In A Diverse Team

At some level we all understand that if we are able to pull together the collective experience, knowledge and wisdom of teams we will achieve a much better outcome.   On the other hand what we understand and what we actually put into action is often very different. Within any professional field you have groups […]

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Why You Might Be Struggling To Motivate Your Team

One of the biggest complaints I get from leaders and managers is that the people that work for them are not motivated. Now my belief is that few people turn up at work with the intention of doing a bad job. At the same time it’s fair to say that how you lead or manage […]

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