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Are You Making It Easy For Employers To Reject Your CV?

Your CV is your personal marketing document.  A good CV gets you interviews.  A poor CV gets rejected. Conceptually you might understand this.  On the other hand are you making it easy to reject your CV? Reality As many as 70% of CV’s are rejected before ever being reviewed by a human being! Are you making it […]

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How To Make The Career History Section of Your CV Stand Out

As an accountant or professional you know that your CV or resume is an important document.  Produce a good one and you get more job interview invitations.  Produce a mediocre CV or resume and you get rejected at the first stage. You know that you need to have a complete career history on your CV and […]

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The Challenge for Accountants When It Comes To Their CV and How to Overcome It

I was doing a consultation with a highly experienced finance professional a while back.We had previously spoken about their CV by email.  I’d shared some tips along with a free guide.  They had reworked their CV several times. Even after several re-drafts it still fell short of being good enough.Sadly this is not uncommon.  When […]

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Why You Really Are The Best Person To Create Your CV

I was doing a career consultation with a senior finance professional recently.  As well as other documents the individual sent over their CV to get my thoughts on it. Ultimately the CV has one primary objective.  To get you through the screening process and get on to the job interview. These days that screening process may be […]

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10 Questions To Ask Yourself When Creating or Updating Your CV

Your CV is your personal marketing document.  The purpose of your CV is to get you invited for interview.  Most people understand this. Over the last 20 or so years I have looked at several hundred CV’s and it would be fair to say that on the whole the standard has been at best variable. […]

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