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Get Ahead In Your Career

In many professions, people who are highly capable individuals never realise their true career potential.  I know that during my 25 year career in accountancy it was not always the best accountants who made it to the more senior levels. As someone who climbed the career ladder starting as a 16 year old with minimum […]

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Leadership: 5 Reasons Why You Might Be Struggling To Progress Your Leadership Career

If you aspire to be a leader, you might notice that sometimes you continually move forward.  At other times you continually struggle.  The career ladder, unlike a normal ladder is not the same width at the top as it is at the bottom.  In many ways it is similar to a pyramid.  The higher you […]

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Continuing Professional Development: Are You Guilty of This?

Ask most managers and leaders about continuing professional development and one of the things that they are likely to say is that they are lacking time to do it. While reading the newspaper the other day I came across an article based on research by KPMG which staggered me.  Why?  The reason was that the […]

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Continuing Professional Development: What Excuses Are You Making?

Have you ever noticed how often people spend a huge amount of time and effort getting a professional qualification, then forget about developing themselves? It is a bit like having a winning lottery ticket and not bothering to collect the prize. Some of the excuses for not continuing to develop yourself might include: 1. Lack of […]

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5 Reasons Why Coaching and Mentoring Is So Effective For Developing People

The Insights Series from The Chartered Association of Certified Accountants identified coaching and mentoring as one of the most effective development methods.  So what is it about coaching and mentoring that makes it such a powerful development method?  Here are my 5 top reasons. 1. Ongoing Many traditional approaches to development are one chance events.  If […]

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