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Why Building A Successful Accountancy Career Is A Strategic Process

Study hard, get your professional accountancy qualification and success will follow, right? I wish I could say this was the case.  In the early 80’s when I started out in accountancy it might have been true.  These days things are very different. For starters there are many more qualified accountants and it continues to grow […]

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Why Not Getting The Job Isn’t The End Of The World

You got an interview.  You went through one or more likely a series of interviews. You get the call or email to say you were unsuccessful. Chances are you are pretty deflated. Here’s the reality.  Not getting the job isn’t the end. Let me explain why in this short video. If you’ve enjoyed this video and want to achieve […]

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What Will Be Different This Year?

The festive season is a time when many have a bit of downtime to reflect and recharge. At these times we often start to think about what we want to achieve in a new year. Maybe you have done something similar. And here is the reality. Most people talk a lot about what they would […]

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Career Success: Become A T Shaped Accountant

I am sure like me you have worked with some accountants who seemed to be almost effortlessly climbing the career ladder.  Or at least they did on the face of it.  We all know that people who get professionally qualified in accountancy or indeed in any profession are smart people.   Yet the reality is […]

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Are Accountants Missing Out On Job Opportunities?

This morning on twitter I came across a tweet from a CEO of a major organisation. The core of the tweet was that she was having trouble locating FDs on twitter in her sector. It got me thinking about whether accountants, particularly those in the public sector are making full use of the potential of […]

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