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The Key Ingredients In Making Change

Change is talked about and written about a lot. Yet as we all know there is a big difference between talking about and actually delivering change. So what in my experience are some of the key ingredients in making any kind of change?  Clarity A lot of leaders talk about the need to change. Fewer […]

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Masterclass On The Challenges of Change For Leaders

Things are very different these day s in organisations.  It’s no longer the case that you can just carry on doing what you always did.  To thrive, prosper and even just survive you have to be able to change and adapt. In this audio masterclass I share some thoughts on the challenge of change.   […]

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Living With Change And Facing It With Acceptance

In today’s economy, recession is pretty much the name of the game in many organizations. In such difficult times, it’s inevitable change will come. And whatever business you’re in, people are going to be affected.

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