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Working Effectively Across The Business As A Business Partner

Business partnering is common now for many accountants and other functional professionals. A key element in your success is the ability to working with others across the wider organisation. Conceptually many understand this. But how do you do this in practice. I offer some quick tips in the video above. Looking to be a better business partner?  Sign up below […]

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How To Build Better Relationships As A Business Partner

More and more functional professions like accounting, IT, procurement, marketing and HR are moving to more business partnering. Some of this is driven by technology.  Some down to changing expectations.  Some down to professionals wanting to play a bigger role in the business. One thing I’ve noticed over the course of my career is just how important […]

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3 Practical Ways To Be A Better Business Partner

The role of accountants and other functional professionals in organisations is changing. Partly driven by technology.  Partly driven by individuals who want to make a bigger contribution.  Partly driven by organisations being more willing to get the best from every function. At the same time there are challenges. Functional professionals tend to be great at the technical or […]

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