Case Studies

Barry was an experienced qualified accountant.

He had spent a number of years doing interim assignments with large public sector organisations. He had a good track record of achievement on those assignments.

When the economy became more challenging, assignments started to dry up.

Barry approached Goals and Achievements after spending a number of months without any assignments.

After our initial discussions, we identified that there were two areas

where he needed help. The first was on making sure that his CV effectively showcased what Barry had achieved. The second area was selling himself effectively in job interviews.

Working with Barry we:

  1. Re-designed his CV so that it had a greater focus on achievements
  2. Undertook a series of mock interviews, critiqued those and offered specific pointers to help him improve his technique
  3. Helped him to prepare for specific interviews, including identifying potential questions and rehearsing those with him.

As a result of our work Barry was able to secure his next assignment and has returned for additional support each time he is coming to an end of each assignment.

David was a qualified accountant who was going to be made redundant in 3 months when he approached us.

The major challenge facing him was that he had not been out on the job market for almost 14 years.

He had very little insight into his strengths, achievements or even an up to date CV. It was clear that we had to move things forward fast.

Our initial focus was on getting a clear picture of his strengths and what he offered to an employer. Within a few weeks of starting working with David, he was invited to attend for interview for a senior role. To make sure he was ready, we changed the focus to get him ready for interview.

Despite it being 14 years since David had been interviewed, not only did he perform well in the interview but he actually was offered the position, which he accepted. We also continued to support him make the transition and quickly make an impact in his new role.

The real benefit for David was that he secured his next role before the date when he was made redundant.

Christine was a recently qualified accountant, ready to take the next step in her career.

There was a specific opportunity in her organisation that she was keen to apply for.

The main challenges facing Christine were that she had never created a CV and never had to do a formal interview in the UK for a job. She also had concerns about her confidence to sell herself effectively in the job interview. The timescale for selection was extremely short.

During her Career Strategy Session it was clear that we had to move quickly and intensively. We agreed a programme of work that involved a whole day face to face session and telephone follow up.

Prior to our whole day session Christine completed a range of assessments to get clarity on her strengths. She also identified achievements. This enabled us to complete an outline statement of support for her application.

We also spent time practising interview questions and refining her technique. During our follow up sessions we did several mock interviews to improve her technique.

Despite a huge effort on her part she did not secure the role. She did however get some specific feedback about selling herself more in the job interview.

When we next spoke, Christine told me she had been invited for interview for a role in a completely different sector. Having taken on the feedback from the previous interview, she was determined to succeed this time.

A few days after the interview she sent me an email with this news

I’m really pleased to inform you that I was successful in my application for the cost engineer position earlier this week. I’m jumping sectors, to now start working in oil and gas, which I look forward to. The salary on offer is much higher than I would ever have dreamt of at this stage of my career. Thanks for all your help.

Slavica was an experienced accountant with some excellent experience.

She had recently taken redundancy from a major organisation and approached us after attending a local CPD event at which I presented. From our initial meeting it was clear that she would need support in a range of areas.

Initially we focused on helping her get clarity about the types of roles, organisations and types of people she would like to work with.

We then undertook in-depth assessments of her technical, leadership and management skills. We also identified her best attributes.

Next we worked extensively on her CV. We worked through several drafts. While she had great experience, what she had actually done was not always written in a way that made an impact.

We also did several mock interviews, including a number for specific roles.

As a result of our work she had clarity about what she wanted, the types of roles where she was likely to perform best and had a CV that really demonstrated what she achieved. Her interview skills were improved.

She recently took on a interim role in a new sector.

Isabelle was looking to move to the next level when she got in touch.

From an initial strategy session we identified that there were two key areas where she needed most help – writing a CV that got more interviews and converting interviews into job offers.

We worked hard to make sure she had a CV that really focused on her achievements. As a result of this she quickly moved from a position of getting few invitations for interview to receiving a number of interviews over a short time period.

We also worked extensively on her interview technique. While she was getting more interviews, converting these to job offers was proving more challenging.

She has now secured her next role. She said “I cannot thank you enough for your help,advice and support. It has been invaluable.”


I would like to thank you for helping me to better understand myself, build my CV, advice on updating my LinkedIn profile and mainly in supporting me to prepare for interviews.

Finance Manager

I would like to thank you for helping me to better understand myself, build my CV, advice on updating my LinkedIn profile and mainly in supporting me to prepare for interviews.

Finance Director

The presentation we worked on was so well received that one of interview panel said that they wanted to give me a round of applause.


Your coaching was instrumental in me achieving this goal of securing a full-time Finance role after a tough 4 year period of doing interim work.

Management Accountant

I just had the feedback after my second interview, they offered me the job with very good terms. You have contributed so much to my success and I am extremely grateful for all your guidance, advice.

Finance Manager

You will remember I got a cost engineer job in the Oil and Gas sector shortly after finishing my coaching programme with you and that is nearly two years ago! The current phase of the project will finish in December and I was approached last week to go with to the next phase, which will be based in Spain.

Management Accountant

I approached Duncan when I started feeling frustrated, helpless and stuck at work I had been working for 8 years and did not know where to go and what jobs and careers to look for. I had also just moved onto the final level of CIMA and I knew it was the time to move onto the next level in my career but I was lacking confidence and did not know which steps to take.

Working with Duncan helped me identify what I really wanted from my future career, what my strengths and skills are and which potential career paths I should take, and most importantly, have the confidence and motivation to succeed.

After a few sessions with Duncan, all the hard work between the sessions, my commitments and trust in what we were doing, I had the clarity and understanding of what kind of jobs I was going to look for and so I started applying.

Shortly after our mock interview I was invited for the real interview. Duncan helped me prepare for it and drafted potential questions based on the job description and person specification. The next day I received a very positive feedback after the interview and a few days later I was made a very good offer which I accepted. I could not be happier I got the job I really wanted.

Duncan has given me an excellent coaching and guidance, and I would not have done it without him. His professional advice and encouragement have been superb.

He was very understanding, supportive and honest throughout the whole experience.

I cannot speak highly enough of Duncan and would recommend him to anyone looking for a career development and career advice.

A truly, life changing, worthwhile experience.

EvaManagement Accountant