6 Things We Can Learn From The Apprentice About Management and Leadership

The Apprentice on the BBC is one of my favourite programmes to watch.  While it is entertaining, it is also a great opportinity to learn.  So what 6 things can we learn from the Apprentice about management and leadership? Focus on the market and never forget the customer Listen to differing views so that you […]

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6 Essential Leadership Skills

Leaders need to have a range of skills.  Equally what I’ve noticed over the course of my career is that there really is no magic formula to being good at leading.  In many respects you are always work in progress. That said I have identified 6 that I regard as essential to leadership success: Change […]

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10 Must Have Management Skills

Management is what creates and sustains an organisation.  Without good management any business will struggle.  The trouble is that there is much to learn.  While continued learning is essential there are 10 skills that every manager needs if they are to succeed.   1.                  Planning   A manager you needs to be competent in business […]

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