Business and Leadership Lessons From The Apprentice Week 10

So we were down to the last six in The Apprentice UK last night.

The teams were tasked with buying stock, selling it, noticing what was selling, re-investing in what was proving popular and making as much as they could.

Melody was team leader on one team and Natasha on the other team.

Natasha’s team triumphed but it was a very close.

As always there were lessons to be learned.

Listen To Instructions

Lord Sugar made it crystal clear that he was looking for the teams to re-invest and despite this both teams seemed reluctant to do this.  When you are given a clear instruction you need to pay attention.

You Need To Be Willing To Take A Risk

The winning team were actually fined £100 in the boardroom for lacking courage and not being willing to take any risk.  In business and in leadership roles you need to get comfortable with balanced risk taking.

Think Before You Act

Melody and Helen were trying to sell to retailers (even one which was a pound shop) even though it was blatantly obvious that they needed to be selling to individuals.

Choose Wisely

Susan decided to go to an upmarket part of London to sell low cost bedding door to door.  Decisions that you make can either make or break in terms of results so choose wisely.

The Bottom Line: In business and in leadership roles you need to be willing to listen, make smart choices and get comfortable with risk.

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