Business and Leadership Lessons From The Apprentice UK 2011: Episode 3

So we are into week 3 The Apprentice 2011 here in the UK .  For the first time we had mixed teams with a narrow victory in the end.

The teams were tasked with buying 10 items for a top London hotel.  The team who got the items at the lowest price won.  As always there were a ton of learning points.  Here are mine and feel free to add your own.

If You Are Leading You Need To Take The Lead

The guy on the losing team who was the Project Manager who was fired did not take the lead.  I could see that he had some difficult personalities to deal with but the team drifted for too long in my view.

Don’t Expect A Discount

I could not believe how green some of the team members were.  You are not going to walk into one of the most expensive streets in London and get a discount just because you have a cameraman and film crew with you.  You need to make a case.

Personality Matters

I think the reason the winning team were successful was because the Irish guy Jim was able to go into buying situations, establish rapport and build relationships.

Teams Need To Work Together

On one team (the losing team) individuals ruled.  There was no sense of togetherness.  Teams need to work together towards a common goal.

Have A Plan and Strategy

When you have a lot to achieve in a little time you need a plan of action or strategy, otherwise you just drift.

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