Business and Leadership Lessons From The Apprentice Episode 8

Week 8 of The Apprentice UK and the teams were sent off to Paris to sell British goods to the French.

Tom and Susan were the Project Managers this week and Susan led her team to a resounding victory.

Once again we had plenty of nuggetts of learning.

Taking All The Glory Is Fine Short Term

Melody obviously had language skills which was a huge bonus and the team let her use these skills which was clearly a great idea.  Trouble is because she made the appointments she wanted to bag all of the sales.  Lord Sugar liked her desire to win and hunger.  the downside is that while that might work short term, there must be a big question around this as a long term strategy.

You Sometimes Have To Assert Yourself

Tom is obviously a smart guy and we saw him assert himself under pressure in the boardroom.   Sadly on the tasks he does not always assert hmself enough and get his point accepted.  The reality is that sometimes you need to assert yourself.

Product Choice Counts

The team that won by a mile selected the best product for the big supplier.  The other team rejected it on what might be described as flimsy market research.  Responding to what the market wants is obviously key.

You Cannot Be A Bystander

Leon who was fired appeared on this task and in some others as well to take on a rather passive role.  If you are seeking serious investment being a bystander is not an option.

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