Business and Leadership Lessons From The Apprentice 2011: Episode 6

In week six of The Apprentice UK 2011, the teams were given the challenge of making money from other people’s rubbish.  It was a tough task but despite this both teams turned in a profit and there was only a few pounds between the winning and losing team.

So what can we learn about business and leading from this episode?

Sometimes You Have To Take Risk

One of the teams gambled on the two appointments set up by Lord Sugar and offered to clear for free.  It was a big gamble and just paid off.  Nevertheless it showed the willingness to take risk, an essential ingredient in business and leadership.

Make Sure Everyone Has Clarity On Tasks

One of the team members on Zoe’s team Susan seemed to be lacking clarity on the commercial appointments.  Perhaps this was a communication breakdown.  As a leader you need to make sure everyone has clarity.

Admit Mistakes

We all make them from time to time and Zoe showed she was willing to admit her mistakes.  The reality is that if we are never making mistakes we are probably playing it safe.  The issue is not making mistakes, it is learning from them when we do and deciding what we would do differently.

Team Working Is Tough

We saw this in the boardroom where people on the losing team were arguing over who was the person who closed deals.  The natural tendency of most people is to focus on themselves.  The challenge is to get people seeing the benefits of team working as being more important than being the lone ranger.

Determination and Focus Produces Results

Zoe’s team looked dead in the water at the end of day one.  Yet they stepped into the second day determined and almost pulled it off.  Sometimes real determination and focus can make a huge difference to the results and success.

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