Avoid Complicating Decision Making

There was a question posted recently on one of the forums that I am part of. Without going into detail it was essentially a question around whether a client should reduce their fee for multiple bookings.

It was interesting to see the responses. Some of them short and to the point. Others long winded with lots of advice.

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For me it was a straightforward decision. The person either wanted to do the work or they didn’t. If they did then negotiate. If they didn’t then decline the invitation to work with the client.

The post got me thinking about the way we all at times over complicate things. Most of the time we have a choice to make. Most of the time we know what the answer is. Yet we still don’t make the decision.

Here’s the reality. When we take a decision we are taking positive action. The positive action may mean that we get the result we want. As a minimum we get feedback or learning.

Often the reason we don’t take the decision is self doubt. We all, to some extent, have that little nagging doubt.

It might be around whether we really can deliver at that next level in our job. It might be around whether we can make the change or improvement that is need in our teams. It might be around whether we can really make better use of the resources at our disposal.

In truth every move forward starts with a decision.

So ask yourself, am is my decision making process over complicated and is it really something more basic that is getting in the way of you deciding and acting.

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