Are You An Engaging Or Disengaging Manager?

A recent report from The Institute for Employment Studies, “The Engaging Manager”, highlights some interesting learning points for managers.

The overarching finding from the research that had been undertaken was that the line manager relationship was criticised.

Other points that came up were that:

  • Engaging managers tended to be happy in their current posts and still on the development curve.
  • The majority regarded themselves as good internal networkers.
  • It was valuable to learn from others (the good and not so good) in order to develop a style that worked for them.
  • Goals and expectations needed to be clearly stated.
  • Feedback was seen as an important element as was encouraging.
  • They were willing to tackle poor performance even if they did not like doing this.
  • They created a strong team spirit.
  • They were willing to roll up their sleeves when it was necessary.
  • They supported the development of team members.
  • They were very open.
  • They were able to balance autonomy and monitoring progress.

So I wonder how you stack up as a manager when it comes to engaging others?

For a summary of the report go to The Institute for Employment Studies website.

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