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Accountants: Achieve More Career Success

Accountant-career-successIf you are like most accountants you are probably very bright, highly motivated and working really hard.  You may even be highly respected by your colleagues.  You probably have got or are working towards your professional qualifications.

Deep down you know that you have the potential to progress in your career but you are finding it a struggle to achieve what you want.

People often assume that getting on in your career is just about qualifications and good job interview technique.  While important, what I have noticed is that those who are more successful are much more strategic in their approach.

Hi I’m Duncan Brodie and since 2006 I have been helping accountants achieve more success in their career.  Having climbed the career ladder from Payments Clerk to Finance Director I learned first hand what it takes to achieve success from a career in accountancy.  During that time I worked in large organisations like the NHS, PwC, E&Y and TSB.

So what’s stopping you getting the results you want in your career?

arrow09 You are not crystal clear on what you want.  The reality is that very few of us ever take the time to sit down and really consider what we want, let alone set specific goals.
arrow09 You really don’t know what your best skills and attributes are.  I am sure that like most you have an annual appraisal where you review your performance.  This review is limited however to the specific role that you are currently undertaking.  Chances are there are a whole host of skills and attributes that are not being utilised.
arrow09 You are going through the motions rather than really focusing on contributing to the success of your organisation.  Maybe you are continuing to do the core well but nothing else.  Perhaps fear is stopping you get out of your comfort zone.
arrow09 You are doing little or nothing to develop yourself personally and professionally.  When I started my career in accountancy in 1980 employers tended to take care of this.  They organised courses, they had their own specialist training centres and made the investment in people.  The general economic conditions mean that this is less common and means continual professional development becomes your responsibility.
arrow09 You really don’t know how to effectively market yourself.  A CV or Resume is still one of your most important assets in getting on in your career.  Having reviewed thousands of them, the standard is at best mediocre and in many cases poor.
arrow09 You can get job interviews but not get the job.  Everyone has setbacks and rejections from time to time.  If on the other hand you are getting a high number of interviews but not getting offers, chances are you need to improve your interview technique.


If you can relate to one or more of the above help is at hand.   I know that there are many people out there would love to have the opportunity to work with me one to one or in a small group.  At the same I know that this is not feasible for everyone.


Introducing My E-Book: How To Have A Successful Career In Accountancy

I originally launched this as a Kindle Book and if you prefer it in this format you can get online at Amazon.

If you don’t have a Kindle you can purchase the e-book for immediate download to your computer.

accountant-successThe e-book is split into 8 chapters

  •  Chapter 1 focuses on you getting clear on what you want from your career.
  • Chapter 2 is all about self discovery and getting to know yourself.
  • Chapter 3 shows you how to demonstrate what you have delivered in you career.
  • Chapter 4 is all about contributing more to the success of the organisation and specific examples of how to do this.
  • Chapter 5 focuses on getting the best return from personal and professional development.
  • Chapter 6 shows you how to write a CV that increases the chances of you being invited for interview.
  • Chapter 7 provides strategies, tips and insights to ensure you perform at your best in interviews every time.
  • Chapter 8 demonstrates why it is vital to take the long term strategic view when it comes to career success.


The Key Benefits of This E-Book

  1. You will make better career decisions because you will have clarity about what you want, where you are heading and whether each opportunity will take you closer to your goal.
  1. You will be able to market and sell yourself more effectively in what is often a crowded and competitive job market.
  1. Ultimately you will move forward faster and get the rewards that you deserve rather than stagnating or getting completely stuck.


So what’s your investment?

One of the things I wanted to do with this e-book was to make it accessible to just about anyone in accountancy who wants to achieve more career success.

For that reason I took the conscious decision to offer this at the same low price I am offering the Kindle Book at £0.99.

Now you might be thinking that at £0.99 it is not going to be very good.

So let me take the risk away from you completely.  If you buy this e-book and it does not provide you with what you expected, just send me an e-mail and I will happily send you a refund.



 Don’t waste time staying stuck any longer

Remember this e-book is priced at a level that makes accessible to anyone whatever their budget and comes with a no questions asked guarantee.

So what difference would achieving more career success make to you financially and in other ways?

One promotion could add thousands of pounds to your salary in one year without even considering the impact on your long term earnings

As you progress in your career your confidence grows and your motivation increases.  We all like to be moving forward and achieving more.

You feel more fulfilled personally and professionally.

Don’t waste time staying stuck in your career any longer.  Make a small investment to start moving forward and achieving what you want.




To your success