6 Indicators That It Might Be Time To Move Jobs

Career decisions can be tough.  It’s often a fine balance between moving too soon and being seen as staying too long and lacking ambition.  On the other hand there are often some indicators that it might be time to move on.

You Are Cruising

If you are turning up for work each week and just cruising along on auto pilot, chances are that it might be time to seek a new role.  We all enjoy the odd easier day and if you are ambitious you will probably get bored quickly.

You Are Not Being Challenged

We all to a greater or lesser extent need to be challenged and stretched.  When it becomes too easy, you can easily become disengaged.

You Lose Respect For Senior People

An important factor for many people is that they have a boss or a senior management team that they have respect for.  When that respect goes, perhaps because they are avoiding tough decisions it is easy to get frustrated.

Your Contribution Is Not Valued

No one expects to get their own way all of the time.  By the same token if your views are not being valued just because you do a certain role or have a certain job title, the reality is that you are never going to have the impact you know you can.  If your contribution is not valued what is the point in staying around.

You Are Getting Frustrated By Trivial Things

We all get irritated at some point in the workplace.  If you are finding that you are getting frustrated by small, inconsequential things, then many it’s time to take stock and take action.

You Have Nothing More To Contribute

When you start a new role there are many challenges.  You see things with fresh eyes and are able to make changes that are well received and make a difference.  Even the best employee will reach a point when they feel that there is nothing more that they can contribute.

The Bottom Line:  Sometimes it will be a tough decision to determine whether to move on or stay in a job.  On the other hand there may well be some indicators telling you the time is right for your next challenge.

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